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Warcraft Movie

Fredrik Olsson | 07-08-18 06:50 | news

Blizzard has been struggling hard to come up with a concept good enough for a World of warcraft movie. It's not an easy task, the expectations are astronomical. But, now, that concept is finally coming together.

Blizzard is working on a next-gen MMO

Fredrik Olsson | 07-04-27 04:18 | news

Blizzard has added three new positions on their job openings page yesterday, to work on a Next-gen MMO. The company is looking for a lead engine programmer, lead tools programmer and lead technical artist.

Could this be a Starcraft MMO? Or perhaps a Diablo MMO?
Well, what we know is that Blizzard has told us that they intend to announce a new game at the Worldwide Invitational in Korea on May 19. They have also said that they plan to revisit the StarCraft universe in the future. Exciting times! We will be back with more info after the Korea event launches, stay tuned.

Blizzard Job Postings >>

DotA 3.40 Item Charts

Fredrik Olsson | 07-04-03 04:26 | news

Check out the new DotA Item Charts for version 6.40, they might serve as an aid when playing a match of DotA (printed). They are really well done and huge! Props to Nonhacker for making them.

Blizz Art contest extended deadline

Christian Svensson | 06-09-19 14:40 | news

The Deadline for the Blizzard Art contest was recently extended, due to technical problems, where contest submission form was temporarily unavailable.
Artists will have a chance to submit their artwork until 11:59PM PDT on Wednesday, September 20, 2006. Hurry up folks!

Blizzard art contest site >>

New Ladder Season for Warcraft III

Christian Svensson | 06-09-18 16:45 | news

The Season 4 ladder has just started on Warcraft III Blizzard have invited the top 75 players from around the world, including the top 300 players from each region to participate in this tournament.
This is just one of many events that is to come for the season 4 ladder. You can keep track of the top 5 players of every ladder on the Season 4 page.

Zoom in on the freaky Warcraft III Season 4 site on >>

Blizzard Halloween Map Contest

Christian Svensson | 06-09-09 01:40 | news

A new Blizzard map contest for WarCraft 3 is underway, and the theme for this contest is Halloween! Create a multiplayer trigger map, polish it up, send it to Blizzard, and you have a chance of winning great prizes!

Checkout Blizzards Halloween map contest info to learn more about map judging, rules, or prizes.

Map Contest: Halloween Map >>

Blizzard Melee Map Contest

Christian Svensson | 06-09-09 01:20 | news

Another Blizzard map contest for WarCraft 3 has been ended. This time the goal was to make the greatest melee map. The maps were judged on how balanced it was, as well as how well it looked.

Get/checkout the Maps >>

DotA Allstars

Christian Svensson | 06-08-01 12:00 | map

DotA, Defense of the Ancients, is one of the most widely played games on The goal is to destroy the opposing teams Ancient, i.e. the Sentinels World Tree, or the Scourges Frozen Throne.

Each side sends their own forces to combat each other, and up to 5 players in each team control their hero in the battle between Sentinel and Scourge...

Blizzard Sports map contest

Christian Svensson | 06-07-31 21:00 | news

The Blizzard Sports map contest has come to an end! The Winners have been appointed as well as a few honorable mentions. To the winners i am happy to say:
"You lucky bastards!"
And to those who didn't win this time:
"There will surely be many more Blizzard map contests that you can loose too."

Contest winners >>
Checkout the prizes >>

Burbenog TD

Christian Svensson | 06-07-25 12:00 | Map

Choose one of 10 Governors and stop 40 levels of creeps from reaching the innocent villagers. A wide variety of towers, and many ways of combining different elements. Many possibilities await you in Burbenog TD.

Blizzard Artwork contest

Christian Svensson | 06-07-14 15:50 | news

Blizzard has recently announced an artwork contest, where fans of the StarCraft, WarCraft or Diablo universes will be drawing their favourite monsters, locations or characters, either in 2D or 3D.
There will be 4 different categories, one for each universe, as well as a category named "Best Cinematic Art". The first prizes in each categorie will be worth up to $10.000 in cash! Sharpen your pencils, take out your finest paper, and start sketching!

Check out the prizes >>

World of Warcraft patch 1.11.2

Fredrik Olsson | 06-07-12 18:12 | news

At FileShack you can find the latest World of Warcraft patch, updating the US & Australian, UK, German and French editions of the game from version 1.11.1 to version 1.11.2. There patch features new balancing updates for the various classes, and fixes related to items, Battlegrounds and more.

DotA Allstars Tactics

Christian Svensson | 06-07-12 12:42 | article

There's a wide variety of tactics for playing DotA, in this guide guide we will just scratch the surface of the tactics in DotA, with information for newbies, as well as a the more advanced players.

Warcraft 3 hand movement and voice control

Fredrik Olsson | 06-07-11 12:12 | article

How would you like to command around Orc, Elfs and the other Warcraft 3 inhabitants with hand gestures or voice commands, instead of clicking on them with your mouse?
How about having the game world projected on a table while doing so?

This is what a student has done for his PhD research, a "multi user multimodal tabletop interaction", basically it is multi user gesture and speech interaction, demonstrated in Warcraft 3 and Google Earth.

Google map of World of Warcraft

Fredrik Olsson | 06-02-23 06:00 | news

For all you World of Warcraft adventurers a project has launched which let you navigate the World of Warcraft through the Google Map API. It has location names, different items, treasures and most other stuff you might be looking for.

The Adventurers Guide to WOW:
World of Warcraft Google Map >>

Free voice chat programs for your games

Fredrik Olsson | 05-09-15 08:05 | review

There is a jungle of voice chatting programs out there, this article helps you select which of the free voice chat programs that best suits your needs and gives you an overview of the more popular ones.

Silxs Spiral Defense

Fredrik Olsson | 05-08-17 03:47 | map

Protect Jaina in the center of the land, for 30 minutes. Waves of monsters travel through the spiral walkway to destroy Jaina. If she dies, the game is over. Protect her at all costs!

BlizzCon - QuakeCon with Orcs?

Fredrik Olsson | 05-07-07 23:04 | news

Blizzard is hosting a convention, similar to Id software's QuakeCon it seems, although you can't bring your own computer and it will cost 120$. BlizzCon will be held in California, on October 28-29th.

"BlizzCon is a celebration of the Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo franchises and the players who have helped make them so popular around the world. We invite you to join us for an exciting weekend of gaming and socializing with your fellow Blizzard gamers and developers." - Blizzard

BlizzCon homepage >>
Buy tickets for BlizzCon >>

Gate Keepers 2

Christian Svensson | 05-06-12 15:03 | map

The Gate Keepers must stop the Vile Horde from reaching the portal. Players choose their heroes to stop them before they reach it. If you let a hundred monsters walk through the portal, the Gate Keepers have failed their quest.

Blizzed by Emerald shores

Fredrik Olsson | 05-06-12 14:24 | news

The latest bonus map not only has a nice warm setting, but also sports a big elevated temple, guarded by some... things.

192K of melee action from Blizzard >>

Bonus map for Warcraft III

Fredrik Olsson | 05-05-29 15:41 | news

Blizzard has released another addition to their wealthy bunch of bonus maps. This time it's a medium sized melee map, with the Icecrown Glacier tileset. It's recommended for 2v2 or 3v3 players and can be downloaded at blizzard.

Get Everfrosted >>


Christian Svensson | 05-05-28 19:11 | map

Stop the undead invasion by destroying their portals which they come from. You play as the Runemasters, who can gain abilities from runes, to save their homeland.

Buying World of Warcraft gold

Fredrik Olsson | 05-05-03 04:10 | article

Those too busy on Earth for adventure in Azeroth might seek or be sought by, people who engage in "gold farming." We present you with a brief summary of how it works.

Another melee map from Blizzard

Fredrik Olsson | 05-05-01 06:07 | news

Less than two weeks have passed since last map was released by Blizzard. This time it's a compact 1v1 map for you to duke it out on.

go grab it >>

Orc Gladiators

Christian Svensson | 05-05-01 02:18 | map

You and your team must survive with your Orc Gladiators in the Arena, while getting attacked by 25 waves of creeps. Each of the Orc gladiators select a weapon, which decides their skills. All the fighting is just to entertain human peasants.
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